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Nespresso: two lights on the right side consistently flashing?

The two right side lights of our Nespresso Delonghi machine blink continuously when the milk frother is plugged in. Wondering if there is a fuse blown or how we can repair this without sending it in? Any ideas?

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Hi, What is the model number of your machine?


Hi Jayeff

Under the machine it has Latissima +F411...


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Try the following:

While both lights are blinking, try holding down both at the same time for about 3-4 seconds then release and hopefully the blink rate will slow. In a short while it should come up to temperature and both lights will stay on and it work normally again.

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the light keeps on flashing on the right side


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I pushed the “Clean+” button on top of the milk container and cleaned out the spout. After that, the two lights stopped blinking.

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