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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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Screen goes blank randomly while working.

while working on my Powerbook, the screen sometimes fades into a black screen. The computer still functions, but has no usable screen. Most times while pressing down gently on the right side of the palm rest, the screen will come back as long as i am pressing the right side. If i let go, the screen goes back to black. I also have had success sort of twisting and putting pressure on the left side whrere the screen hinge is. When it finally does come back on without the added pushing down, it seems to stay on for days at a time. Then it will go thru periods of going black. What may be the problem, and is there an easy fix for it?

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I would suspect the Display Data Cable. It attaches to the logic board in the upper left hand corner. To test this, hook it up to an external monitor. If it fades and the image on the monitor is good, that would confirm it. I would first check the logic board connection. These cables can also get worn with time and cause these symptoms. In this case it would need to be replaced. Look over this guide to get you to the cable connection. Ignore most of it, just the part about how to open and get to the cable. PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz Display Assembly Replacement

Here's the part: [verlinktes Produkt fehlt oder ist deaktiviert: IF154-103]

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