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Displayed is a Samsung NX500 camera with 4k video shooting. It is a camera that surpasses the norm equipped with Bluetooth capability and complex shooting modes.

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How do I connect using Bluetooth

How do I connect my NX500 using bluetooth connection?

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You must first make sure that your phone is connected to bluetooth. Then on your device download the Samsung Camera Manger app in the Google Play Store. From there you can connect your phone to your NX500 and full capability is enabled through your phone. Such features include live video, pictures from your camera that show up on your phone screen.


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Using a Samsung phone, download Samsung camera manager from the Playstore.

Follow the prompts on both the Camera and the Samsung App.

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I spent 2 days but cannot connect my nx500 to my Samsung S7 edge phone. I try everything nothing work. So I am using Toshiba SD card with Wi-Fi capability. Some how it works. But Samsung Camera Manager Apps sucks! Does not work at all.


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