Part of the Acer Gemstone series, the Acer Aspire 7736Z-4809 offers a larger display than most laptops. Repair of this device is similar to other models in the 7736 series.

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Why does my keyboard type multiple letters at a time?

When I press a key on the keyboard, other keys are automatically pushed as well. If I press “8”, it shows up as “8u”. It only happens with a few keys. What should I do?

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The problem may be the connector ribbon between the keyboard and the motherboard. Remove the keyboard using the instructions in the Keyboard Replacement Guide and try cleaning the ribbon. If the problem persists, replace the keyboard entirely.

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You are in luck! There is a section of the troubleshooting guide on iFixIt that addresses this exact problem! Try cleaning the insides of the keyboard before you consider replacing it entirely. Specific instructions can be found within the link.

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