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The Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 is a lightweight 14-inch fire red, black, or silver laptop that was released in 2012.

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I hear a grinding sound when using my laptop.

I can hear banging sounds coming out of my laptop when the computer is on.

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This sounds like to be the fan blades making contact with the shell casing of the fan, it could be due to dust interfering with the fans performance since its so close to the edges of its housing a little budge in any direction can cause it to grind, I had this problem with my Dell Inspiron XPS, I disassembled it cleaned the fan and manually spun it with my finger, sure enough a fan blade was making contact.

*****Before doing these procedures Please REMOVE the power supply and the battery then hold the power button for at least 15 seconds to expel any remaining power in the capacitors*****

*****Failing to do so may result in ELECTRIC SHOCK*****

***Ground yourself with a nearby metal object to expel static electricity to avoid electric transfer to the motherboard*****

  • Failing to do so will result in a Zapped and or possibly fried Motherboard/Ram/Hard Disk*****

Once the Pre-Procedure is done please continue to Solution 1.

Solution 1.

- If possible I suggest you take the bottom panel of the laptop off to expose the hardware components, from there blow out the fan with compressed air or duster and slightly turn the fan to see which blade or if all blades are making contact. Continue to solution 2 when finished.

Solution 2.

- If you hear a grinding from that then GENTLY bend the fan bend the blades slightly little by little. Give it a boot. If you continue to hear the grinding then move on to Solution 3.

Solution 3.

- the fan base could also be the culprit by a loose screw. It could also be a Cable has came out of its holder pin and is running itself over the top of the fan. Make sure all cables and the Fan base is seated securely. Give it a boot, If you continue to hear grinding move to solution 4.

Solution 4.

The fan may be dying, if its under warranty contact the manufacture if its not under warranty then your best bet is to replace the fan yourself, this is simple. Unscrew the fan base from the Motherboard, Disconnect the main lead wire from the socket (it should just pull out with a gentle snug) then insert the new fan. Screw in the base and reconnect the main lead wire into the socket (should be easy to plug in, but don't force it) It could damage the plug and or motherboard.

When finished Re-assemble the Bottom panel and fasten all screws to a gentle tight state.

Hope this helps, Keep me updated!

Best Regards,

-Repair Pug

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There could be a problem with the internal fan being clogged or damaged. If it is just clogged you can use this guide to find the fan, and use a can of compressed air to blow off the dust. If there is damage, you could use this same guide to repair the fan.

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