Zanussi error code E90

Zanussi WJD 1257 W washing machine error code : E90 what is it ?,haw repair ?

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There may be two reasons for the E90 error message.

Try this one first.

Clean the filter (located bottom right of machine). It is prudent to place a large pan under the opening to catch any spillage.

If it does not solve the problem then an E90 error message indicates a problem between the control panel and the main circuit board or that the circuit board got wet.

Take pictures before you remove/disconnect anything to help remind you when you have to put it back together again.

Remove the power from the machine and take the top off, then looking from the front of the machine, on the left you'll see the main board and a blue multi-stranded cable coming out of it and going into the control panel. This is where the problem usually is. If there's a poor connection at either end of the cable then this will cause the error message.

Remove the control panel by undoing the screws located behind the soap drawer and the plastic clips along the top, disconnect the blue cable, give the connector a bit of a squeeze with your pliers to tighten the connection, do the same to the other end on the main board. If the board or connectors look damp use a hair dryer to dry them and also make sure that the contacts are clean.

Reassemble everything back the way it was and try your machine to see if it now works OK.

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