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Laptop updated a month ago, black screens only now.

Okay so this is my first post on any website like this, usually I'm able to find an answer but I just haven't been able to at all.. So I'm guessing no ones had this happen.


My laptop had updated and it was working slower than normal so I knew something was up, but then updated again and now it black screens with no mouse for an hour. Then it goes to the recovery settings, but as soon as you click on anything, it goes back to black screen and it just repeats like that.

No buttons work to bring anything else up ( F11, F5, F8, etc)

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what widows you have ?


I have Windows 10


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If your computer will not power on or your battery is behaving abnormally, try resetting the battery using the pinhole reset button. This process will temporarily disconnect and then reconnect the internal battery.

Unplug AC power adapter.

Locate the battery reset pinhole on the bottom of the computer.

Insert a small paperclip in the battery reset pinhole. Hold the reset button for 4 seconds.

Let the computer sit for 5 minutes with no power.

Connect the AC adapter and power on the system

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Didn't work. It's still doing the exact same thing it was doing every other time before. Acer startup screen, black screen for an hour (exactly an hour), recovery where you can press F8, or enter which leads right back to a black screen for an hour.


Sounds like a OS Problem

When you have a Recovery CD try to start from CD an repair the Operating System.

or put a bootable Linux CD in and save your Data to a USB Stick .

When you have a Data Backup then reformat the Harddisk and install the OS new.


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