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Drucker, Scanner Kopierer in einem Gerät. Eine Baureihe von HP.

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How do I stop a black ink leak?

Black ink leaks from righjt rear of printer. Pad under ink cartridges on left side is satuarated. How do I clean waste ink pads/pan?

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Hello Gerald,

1. Open the scanner and top lid with the power on to move the printer head to the middle of the carriage.

2. Unplug from power. Pull the top end of the strut which props the lid up on the right side towards the front of the printer to disconnect it from the scanner. You may need to pry it off with a small screwdriver.

3. Remove 7 black torx screws holding the top panel of the printer. One of these is hidden behind the HP label at the right front corner of the printer. Peel the label half way to expose it.

4. Carefully pry the LCD control panel off the top panel with a screwdriver. Disconnect the ribbon cable. Just pull it straight out. Remove a further two silver torx screws hidden behind the control panel.

5. The top printer panel should now be free to remove.

6. Look down inside the right side of the printer casing near where the printheads usually park with a good light. There are two channels containing sponge saturated with thick ink- the waste ink sponges. These are not readily removed. Poke the sponge with a small screwdriver to show the ink.

7. With a syringe and a long blunt needle from an ink cartridge refilling kit, suck up as much ink as possible from the two sponges. Mop up any ink in the interior of the printer.

8. Re-assemble the printer.

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Where can I take my HP photosmart C5180 printer-scanner-copier fixed near Apollo, PA? It is leaking black ink badly.


I am 84 yrs. old and can't do the repair myself.


I need help!


Thank you, it worked! I wonder why these printers were so badly designed in the first place!


This worked well for me.

The waste ink sponge is in a plastic channel attached to the right inside wall.

I hooked it out, cleaned it in a bowl of water and replaced it after cleaning the nearby areas with cotton balls.

It all seems to be working OK now.

Thanks to you Michael.


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