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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,3 GHz i5 oder 2,7 GHz i7 Prozessor

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Run slow on battery and fine with adapter

I have a MacBook Pro Early 2011 model. Tried everything and found MLB issue . With adapter plugged in working normally- battery charging also. When remove the adapter and at same time curser moves slowly and behaving very slow. Tried changing with Hard drive cable and reinstall fresh operating system, battery changed. What is the issue with MLB and i checked everything looks fine.

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Simran First thing you need to do is get your name registered on your profile so we can use the @simran and to protect your name.

As to your issue, it is my firm opinion that this 13" machine has the same issues as the 15" & 17" machines from 2001 that ha the class action law suit. I've seen way to many of the same problems with them. Probably a reflow of the GPU is your best chance.


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There is SMC issue. With OSX modifications system now working fine. Thanks For answer and support.


@simransingh Please tell us what OS X mods you did. Thanks for getting your profile fixed, your contributions are very much appreciated.


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From working with 1,000 + Mac Book Air units mid-2011 11", we have seen this problem many times, this is more than likely caused by a low battery or a miss configured SMC. The most common fix is to go ahead and power off the machine, then plug it in. Take note of the light, is it green, amber, or very dull almost not lighting up? Hold the LEFT SIDE Command, Option,P,R keys while simultaneously pressing the power button and letting only the power go, the light on the MagSafe connector should light up green momentarily then switch amber. Let this charge till its green then start the device. This should result in a better response.

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@brooks3306 You appear to have extensive knowledge about this issue. Please teach us. You mentioned but did not elaborate on "Take note of the light, is it green, amber, or very dull almost not lighting up?" What exactly are we to take note of? You describe a PRAM zap but say it is an SMC issue?


The MacBook Air has two systems, a System Management Controller (SMC) and a Non-Volital Random Access Memory (NVRAM). The SMC is what controls the power and power distribution. If there is a quirk within what its trying to read then you get the issue described above or others.


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