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How do I remove a completely chipped away glass screen

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So the iPhone glass has chipped away so much and their is only a piece of it left in the lower-left corner. My question is, how can I remove the front panel now without bending the whole frame. I have a suction cup but trying to suction cup the rest of the panel instead of the glass only bends it instead of lifting it up. Any suggestions?

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I use an iSesamo but you could use a Jimmy or some other kind of thin pry tool. You put it between the screen and the metal housing and pry up just a bit to get the screen free. You don't want to jam anything sharp in there and you don't want to jam anything down more than a MM or two. Just enough to lift the screen up and let the suction cup do the rest.

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If you follow this guide it will show you what you need to do. You will probably have to pry the screen up as it won't stick to the suction cup.

Hope it helps

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