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How to I factory reset my managed chromebook

Hello, I purchased a chrome book off of craigslist. I found that it was a managed device ive tried several ways of rebooting , power wash, esc, refresh, power even reinstalling the operating system, but didn't get any accurate results. Is there a way I can go inside the chromebook and reset it from there? It's kinda useless as a home laptop if I can't do anything on it. The model is a Dell chromebook 11

Any tricks to return it to factory ??

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Have you tried asking the Craigslist seller?


Yeah, unfortunately he hasn't responded to anything i've sent and I reported him to the community. If i can't get a hard reset to work on the computer then i'll just buy a new one from Best Buy


sign in press ctrl+alt+t it will open crosh then type rollback and see if that helps


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Depending on the newness of the model removing the program screw will not remove the management. It’s up the to the business or place thats managing the device to release the management. You can perform a simple powerwash which is ESC+REFRESH+POWER then CTRL+D then space bar and enter. This will wash the device but depending on the managment you may need credentials from the original manager to enroll the device.

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you turn off your chromebook and press ctrl+esc+refresh+power button than ctrl+d than enter than ctrl+d

then you have to take out the write protect screw near the HDMI port you have to open the chrome book though

it will reboot factory reset.

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