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The Brother PT-110 label maker was manufactured by the Brother International Corporation. The model number is UN8173001. Release date unknown.

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Why is my device not printing?

The unit turns on, but whenever I try to print a label, nothing comes out of the device.

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Check to see if the labels are jammed inside. If not, the gears might be worn down and need to be replaced. You might also be out of label paper.

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The PT-110 failure is often due to a broken lever that pushes the feed wheel against the tape. With no tension, there is no tape feed. I have repaired 4 or 5 of these (all my units have had this problem). NOT an easy repair. Epoxy alone won’t hold. If you open the door on the back to replace a tape cartridge, and notice the white lever at the lower edge is “floppy loose”, it’s broken. You should feel spring tension against this white lever as you press the door back in place - which verifies it’s NOT broken. My repair involves disassembly, a thin layer of plastic epoxy to hold it together so I can add a specially shaped piece of spring wire to re-enforce the weak part, then a thicker layer of tougher 907 epoxy to add the strength and hold the special wire in place. Tricky part is to keep the epoxy from getting into the wrong spots.

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