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This 'SHIELD Pro' Android TV console by Nvidia is a slightly enhanced version to the 'SHIELD' console released for sale on May 28th, 2015. It contains mostly the same internal hardwares as the original 'SHIELD' console with a much higher storage capacity of 500GB as compared to the 16GB of the standard 'SHIELD' device. The model number for the device is P2571.

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Wount power up aften update


Mi nvidia shield afsked for at update today. I sad yes and download the update. Aften this it afsked for at restart. I sad yes, but the shield never power up again.

The light on the machine are turned on but nothing happens on my tv.

On my hdmi rec the shield have changed Name to vip1113L and not nvidia shield as it was Name before

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Have you tried turning the power to the Shield off and removing the power cord for 1-2 minutes then reconnecting the power and switching it on to see if it will work then?

If that didn't work and you can somehow access the device then try removing the update file and see if it will download again. It may have been corrupted.

To do so, use any file explorer app (such as ES File Explorer) to delete the OTA folder located in:


After this folder is deleted, reboot the device, then retry the download and installation of the update.

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