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The Insignia NS-HD01A is an HD portable radio who's features include 10 station presets, a built in rechargeable battery, and a full color display.

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Water in radio, won't power on correctly. Help?

I dropped my radio in the toilet when I was getting out of the shower and now it won't turn on correctly. The Insignia logo just flashes for a bit and then it dies. I don't know what to do.

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Sara, The link below may be better way to try and save your electronic device after getting wet. This link will give instruction on how to dry and clean to prevent corrosion. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Electronics Water Damage

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A common solution drying out electronics that have been submerged in water is placing the device in a bag of rice. The rice will draw out moisture from the device. This is not necessarily a solution that works every time. It all depends on the extent of the damage caused by submerging the device in water.

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Again, rice doesn't do anything. It is USELESS for electronics. Take it apart and clean it with isopropyl alcohol.


@beasenation I realize that this is a student assignment but even students need to realize that this is a myth. Rice does not do anything but waste valuable time. It is the equivalent of doing nothing. Please review your answer and change it to something more appropriate.


@oldturkey03 The rice is a desiccant, much like the bag of silica beads you find in many products, it draws in moisture. If it is in fact a myth Ill need an actual explanation as to why this doesn't work. Your word is not enough.


@beasenation yes you are right. My word is definitely not good enough. So maybe you take this learning opportunity and check your "facts" and see why Rice does not work. Check places like this and this one. Or maybe you want it from some real techs, so you could check on here. There are hundreds more. It is people like you that keep this myth going and even add to it by rationalizing that rice is a dessicant. I am certain that you have not saved a single device by using rice. How do you think that rice would pull any liquid out of any device by just placing it in rice? How do you think it would stop corrosion damage? The inside of electronic devices is full of sensitive electrical components. I am sure that you know that water doesn't actually do the damage at all to those components. It's the corrosion that happens after the water that damages the device. Rice will not stop this nor prevent it. Your answer is still misleading and wrong.

It is not often that I get involved with student assignment, unlesss they are as blatantly wrong as yours.


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