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My Theater Matrix 9901 remote just quit. Harmony said no

Had this Theater Matrix 5.1 with power sub for 5 years now. What quality but now I cannot get the remote to do anything. some times i would have to take out bateries and replace and the unit worked. Now nothing Remotes .com helped me in a way to check the remote with android cell phone it is the remote. Open to ideas or where to send as I cannot even get the pronto hex code as this company is out of biz.


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Unbelievable, as all it was was dirty battery connectors. I small amount of emery board to get rid of dark connectors. Now shine and remote works. Thank you


That is great Jeff, happy to here your up and running, have a good day.


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Jeff, Found these links below to show how to disassemble a remote, check, clean and repair. I hope these links will help in getting your remote operational again.

As far as getting some one else to fix your remote, try a google search for (remote control repair service) in your area. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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