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PC laptop by Dell with a 15.4" display. Succeeded the Inspiron 1520.

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lcd turns off but laptop is on

my laptop has no battry and works with charger cable.

its screen turning off after afew minutes and in os i can turn it on with fn+f8 but after first screen off it happens after per min.

its wierd becuase i connected a monitor to my lap but it work and never shutdown but laptops screen gone.

its happen in setup bios or every where you think.

laptops screen gone but monitor crt remain.

can you help me????

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Hi, Not sure about why in BIOS but have you checked the screen power settings in Control panel > Power Options when connected to battery and power.. I know that you have no battery installed but select screen power option for battery to 'never turn off' to see if it stays on. just a thought


thankyou.i removed screen cable not data that little one and its became dim from dark or screen of and now i did that you said but in setting of high performance and its on till now.

i decrease brightness and any setting at never.

dim level on 40% normal is 30% and alot of change at setting.

thankyou for respond and attantion


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Most likely the connection between the monitor and mother board is old and dead or damaged in some way

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hi.can you see my new post


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