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Sony Blu-ray DVD player BDP-BX620/BDP-S6200. Released January 2014. Key features include 4K upscaling, over 300 streaming services available through Wi-Fi, built-in dual core processor, and HD picture and sound.

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Why doesn't my disc play in my blu-ray player?

My device turns on, but the disc I am trying to play is not reading for some reason.

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Depending on how old or new the disk is, you should first try to clean the disk itself with some proper disk cleaning material you can find a suggestion in our troubleshooting page. Otherwise I would buy a disk cleaning set from your local supermarket. If this does not solve your issue then your disk reader can be dusty or just malfunction you can buy a disk reader cleaner at your local supermarket. If these do not help again check out the troubleshooting page link above.

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