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A laptop computer manufactured in 2005, by Compaq.

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Why is my display black? I know the computer is running.

I went to turn on my computer today, but the LCD display never turned on. I know the computer is running because the Windows startup sound plays through the speakers. What can I do?

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@ibsteed there could be a couple things wrong with your computer , you should try to switch output to external Display. If an external monitor is also not working with the laptop , then the internal graphics card or a cable in your computer may be defective and not the display. You may need to have the graphics card or motherboard replaced. Take the laptop to a computer repair shop to see if it can be repaired

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@ibsteed it is possible that you have a bad LCD or a bad GPU. Attach an external monitor. If an image shows on that you know that you are having issues with your LCD. If it does not show, than you are having issues with the GPU. you also want to check to see if it is your backlight that has failed. In a dark room with the computer running, shine a flashlight at an angle against the LCD. If you see any images than you know that it is a backlight issue. This computer still uses an inverter board that may have failed. You can download the service manual for your model on here

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