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3 beeps after shutdown


I have a strange issue. My Macbook Air (A1369) works just perfect, but when I try to turn it off, after the screen goes black, suddenly it starts to beep (3 beeps - period - 3 beeps) and you can hear fan working. The only way to shut down my Macbook completly is to press the power button for a couple of seconds.

When I hibernate or reboot my Macbook it works normal. The issue occurs only when I try to shut it down completly.

I've resetted STC and PRAM and still nothing.

Any ideas?

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There is likely liquid damage around the RAM chips. I had a 2012 model recently which would work fine, but if you PRAM reset, it will beep 3 times until you reboot it (at which point it would be fine).

There was liquid around the RAM chip, so an ultrasonic clean sorted this out. Check around the RAM chips for liquid damage, clean with a brush and isopropyl or preferably an ultrasonic cleaner which a repair shop should have, which will clean underneath the chip.

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Ok, I'll try it. I've changed thermal paste on CPU and GPU yesterday and I saw a strange sticky liquid around my SSD, so I cleaned it. I'll check one more time and see if it's around RAM chip too. I hope it will help because I've done almost everything by now - manually flashing STC, downgrading to Yosemite etc. I've also noticed another issue - when I close the lid and put my Mac to sleep it starts to make this 3 beeps sound after about 2 hours of sleep and my battery power is around 20% lower after such sleep.

Thanks for advice!


Thank you so much! I've cleaned entire logic board with isopropyl alcohol and now the issue is gone. My Mac shuts down properly. By the way I found that WiFi board was covered with some sticky liquid and looked kind of burned. I've cleaned it also and now everything works like a charm! I don't know how to thank you!


No problem, glad I could help :)


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