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Support for musical holiday decorations by Mr. Christmas Inc.

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Seem to have lost the switch that controls off/on/holiday music.

how can we get this repairs. Carousel is in great shape and stored in the original box, but this year I literally cannot find the switch to turn on and off and select music. Help please.

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Rachel, I just bought a Mr. Christmas Carousel at an estate sale. The on/off switch is apparently glued in place and when the glue came loose, the switch on mine fell into the base. I removed the small plate at the bottom and was able to fish around with a screwdriver and move the switch back into place enough to switch it on. (The chunks of old hot glue fell out when I did that, that is how I know about the glue). Unfortunately, in order to fix it, you have to be able to remove the finial (top decorative piece) which I did with difficulty, and remove the screw underneath to disassemble the carousel to get to the switches in the base. The one I have is stripped out and you cannot remove the screw, so I can't disassemble mine. Mine will play the music, but the "change song" switch is also floating loose and keeps making the songs break up. Long answer, but your switch is probably loose and floating somewhere in the base.

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