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Cannot Watch Movies & TV Episodes Instantly on NETFLIX

My system is MAC OS X 10.5.8


I tried on Safari 5.0.2 and on Firefox 3.6.12 and I was not able to stream movies from Netflix


Thanks for your answers . The problem is that I need to have an Intel processor and mine is a Power PC G4. That is why I am not able to watch.

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Netflix says

Our new player works on PCs and Intel-based Macs. Official Netflix Blog

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The problem has to do with Microsoft's Silverlight plugin in Safari and Firefox on the Mac.

Try this:

In Firefox, disable the Silverlight plugin, then try to restart the movie. You'll be promted to install Silverlight. Download and install it, then restart Firefox and re-enable Silverlight plug-in. Then retry the movie. If it still fails in Firfox after this, try the movie in Safari. (I have not yet fied the Firefox side, but doing this VIA Firefox seems to fix Safari. )

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That makes sense based on Netflix's answer. My MacBook Pro is a mid-2010 Intel based model on 10.6.4 so the fix worked there. Thanks for the update.


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Hi, first check the speed of your internet connection and then the computer requirements. Link to requirements included.

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