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The Dell Inspiron 1100 was a low-cost consumer laptop released in 2003.

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Why does my laptop show that it is not plugged in?

When using my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1100), the symbol on the taskbar that displays the battery life is showing that the laptop is not plugged in (i.e. not charging), despite the fact that the adapter is definitely plugged in, both to the laptop and the main power source (wall outlet). Any ideas?

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Lucas do you have access to a multi meter ? If so check the power output of the power adapter . Make sure it matches the output indicated on the power adapter. If they don't match then replace the power adapter. Next check the power port on the computer to see if there's any movement . Check this port for continuity . the port may be broken from its perch . In researching your problem I came across this video which may be some help.


If it gives no Joy you may need to dig deeper to examine the solder joint on the mother board . which will involve opening the laptop. Once you've tried the first few ideas we can help with more info if you need to go further into the fix. Hope this helps

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1. do you know if the device is receiving power and just no indicating it? 2. I fell like this could be a problem with your charging port. I had a costumer with the same issue it seems to be a very common issue, it could just be a loose charging port, or it also could be a damaged charging port. Either way it'll require some work to be done... Unfortunately I do not know of any guides to address the issue.

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