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Huaweis Flaggschiff-Smartphone aus dem Jahre 2016. Es hat ein Unibody-Gehäuse und eine doppelte Rückkamera, die in Zusammenarbeit mit Leica entwickelt wurde. Es gibt 32/64GB Speicherplatzoptionen und sechs verschiedenen Ausführungen. Die Modellnummern sind EVA-L29, EVA-L19 und EVA-L09.

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Pre-cut adhesive alternatives. What should we use?


I was asked by a friend to replace the glass on his P9. All went well till the part where I had to reattach the assembly to the metal chassis. Since I couldn't find pre-cut adhesive, I used the classic double-sided tape for the top and bottom edges (3M). The thing is, the bezels are so narrow that the 1 mm tape would prevent the screen from fitting properly. Eventually, I glued the assembly using only the top and bottom edges. It seems to be properly fixed, but the sides have gaps and that's kind of annoying.

Q: What can I use to glue the narrow sides of the assembly to the chassis as an alternative to the traditional pre-cut adhesive? I read about gel glues (B7000, Gorilla Glue etc.) but I'm worried that the glue will get in between the polarizing films of the LCD.

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Are you really gonna mess around to save $1.99?


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I appreciate your answer, but the customer needed his phone ASAP. There wasn't enough time to get one.


What kind of double sided tape was used? The black one or the transparent red tape? The red tape appears to be more effective when it comes to having them stick on the frame on huawei devices.


Black, 3M made.


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