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The first generation Honda CRV, produced from 1995 to 2001.

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2001 Honda CRV cranks but no start...intermittently!

2 months ago it died right after starting the car before I even had time to put it in gear. I just restarted the car and off I went. 2 weeks later exact same thing....thought water in gas changed fuel filter good to go for a week. Now the last 2 weeks I have been continually stranded everywhere as it seemed fine to start in morning after sitting all nite I run to store come out cranks no start. Wait 20 min. It fires right up! But this week increasingly worse, not starting after sitting a day then all of a sudden fires up I go drive and this last 2 times Im actually cruising about 40 miles down road no sounds just died thank goodness I am able to coast to side park it and begin to walk home. BF took it to AutoZone last week and tried to get codes but it gives nothing. Bf checked spark plug and said weak orange spark. Then 10 min. Later it starts. He says fuel is in the plug and I can hear the fuel pump run when turning key initially. I'm so tired of this. Bought car 2 years ago used and its been perfect. Regular maintenance done oil change etc. Over 200,000 miles on her. Any ideas of which way to troubleshoot? Thank you in advance for Any help. Liz

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change the coil


I had a problem like that I changes plugs wires rotor n cap checked the fuel pump all good I was getting spark BUT!!!! the spark was very small the color was white - orange if I layed the plugs on top of head over the hole to each cylinder it shot flames so I figured it was good NOT SO!!! when I put the plugs in nothing !!!! took them out they were wet!!! It ended up being the COIL!!!!! even tho I was getting spark IT WAS NOT A BLUE SPARK replaced the coil hit the key stared up ran rough till it cleared all the excess fuel now it purrs like a kitten !! BE advised unless the spark is blue CHANGE the freaken thing hope it helps you all out


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I would start by checking the ignition modual in the distributor. A weak orange spark could also indicate a bad coil. Doesnt sound like a fuel issue . may also want to check the distributor cap , rotor and the coil wire . When checking the coil look for any obvious moisture . Theres no joy with a leaking coil. Hope this helps

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Hello I have a 2001 Honda CR-V I had it running 5 min and it cut off and won't start back up it tries but it won't start the lights and radio works I thought it was fuel pump but can hear it coming on I was thinking fuel filter could there be someiim missing pls help


Something I'm missing pls help sorry typo


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