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iPad Mini mit 7,9 Zoll Display und 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität.

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Not able to restore the ipad


I have an ipad mini 1st Gen, I repalced the Digitizer and now that I tired to restore the ipad it wont. When I connect it to the coputer the computer detectes the ipad including itunes detects it as Recovery mode. But when I press the restore option the ipad gets disconnected from itunes and ist stays in "Detecting Ipad", then I get an error 4005. I have replaced the USB lightning cable (apple product) used a different computer but I still get the same issue. any ideas??? thank you all.


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Does your mini work as a standalone device? Have you tried to go into DFU mode?

This error can be caused by software and hardware problems. Try the DFU mode first.

However, given that this coincides with a digitizer replacement, the problems most likely resides on the hardware side. The iPad mini is notoriously difficult to repair. So many things can go wrong when replacing a digitizer, even though you think everything went well. From a best practice point of view, you always want to fully test the device before securing the adhesive on the new screen.

From a hardware perspective, I would open up the device again and thoroughly inspect the logic board around the connectors and insure that no surface mount components were damaged or removed. There may also be glass debris from the previous digitizer or other contaminants that are shorting components.

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Hi there, truly appreciate your respond,

I have not put the ipad together yet, I normally test everything before sealing everything, I have had bad experienced in the past and I learned from them. Any how, the ipad is actually in DFU mode and it cannot be taken out of it, I have tried hard reset/boot, unplugged the battery even letting the battery drain for a day or so and its stuck on DFU mode. I plug in to the computer and iTunes detects it as recovery mode and same thing I even tried restoring it to another computer/laptop and as it tries to restore it disconnects the ipad but never gains connection again as if it dies out, i unplug it and plug it back and nothing untill i unplug the battery then plug it back then the computer detects the ipad. There are no damaged to the ipad at all, I was careful when I took the LCD and Digitizer off, making sure nothing gets damaged.


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