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The Xiaomi Mi 3 is a high-end, premium Android smartphone that is produced by Xiaomi.

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touch working but lcd not working

my mi3 phone's touch working but lcd not working, lcd glowing white when power up but no image showing, even after reboot no mi logo showing . i can unlock my pattern password blindly as touch working . is this problem of lcd or motherboard

i teared down mobile ,every connector connected corrcetly

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Dear Keegan Bourque

As you suggested to change lcd I changed lcd touch assembly with frame and its works perfectly.

But I can't get original product so don't know how much it will work

Thank you so much for your suggestion


Yeah that is an issue, I will do some research and get back to you! Have a great day.


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This could be caused by one of the connectors inside the cable is broken, I would reccomend purchasing a new LCD screen and replacing to see if that works.


Keegan Bourque

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