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Am I suffering a serious screen bleeding trouble?

Hello everyone,

I've recently got my MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2012 screen replaced, and been experiencing the trouble like in the picture below:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I came to the one who replaced it for me to complain but he said that's normal and happens to every MacBook screen. He also showed me some MacBooks he has to prove that.

The question is: Was I cheated and have been suffering a bad light bleeding issue?

Thank you,

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Our systems don't bleed like this!

Did he replace the LCD vs replacing the entire lid assembly? If he replaced the LCD I suspect he didn't assemble it correctly or used a poor quality display.

A proper Apple lid assembly replacement part is what we use as it's just less work and cost for us is less of an issue.

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He only replace the LCD. I used the terminal command found on the internet to check the LCD manufacturer, the terminal gave the code N133IGE-L41 which I believe it's a Chi Mei screen. Is it bad display? If he assembled the display incorrectly, then does reassembling it properly fix the problem?



Here's a good vid on how you replace the screen: MacBook screen replacement

I would say the screen is more likely the issue here, poor quality.


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