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Need to identify and fix part on logic board

In the attached image I have for this post is a broken piece of my logic board.

I was wondering if this is a resistor? It is circled in the attached image.

Any help would be grateful!

Block Image

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@adamradam that is reference designator FL4501 which is a 12 Ohm 100mA-8.5GhZ common mode filter. This particular one is a TDK made TCM0806-4SM. Not an easy find so start by using search terms like " TDK TCM0806"

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Thank you so much for your help ! I will try to find it online.


@oldturkey03 Im having trouble locating it like you said. Do you believe this would be compatible it has the same specs


@adamradam I just checked the datasheet and it does look like it should work. Just measure the distance between the solder pads on your board to make sure that it will fit on your board.


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