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The HP Officejet 6500 is a color All-In-One printer. Released in 2003. Model number: CB815A#B1H.

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Ink system Failure, I can I fix this problem

I install new cartage, but now I'm having a problem..I'm getting a message stating...ink system failure and the message is asking me to turn off printer and back on...But the message is still appearing.. How can I solve this problem?

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@rickyb154 ,Ricky as you probably know already HP recommends there cartridges as replacements only. Below is a trouble shooting link, for you to check out for ink system failure message. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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I tried it and still I'm getting the same error, is there anything else that I can try.


@rickyb154 , Rickey, If you tried it, Hp stated if none of the things from there trouble shooting page worked to replace the print head. You can use the link below to see if any waranty or to contact HP.



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