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Introduced on August 23rd, 2007, the Nikon D300 is a 12.3 megapixel semi-professional DX format digital single lens reflex camera produced by Nikon Corporation.

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Problems with focus and shutter speed

My camera is having trouble focusing on the subject and so it won't take the pic for a while and then when it finally does the shutter sound is very slow no matter what setting I have the camera on.

I have stopped using it because this is so frustrating.

Pics are not focused properly and badly lit.

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Under what conditions is this happening, in what lighting conditions etc..

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Your shutter is probably used up to its designed lifecycle. I have the same problem of shutter being slower than what the setting shows, which definitely leads to over exposure. I have to switch to continuous shooting mode (either H or L) to try more frames to get it back to the correct speed. Somehow the problem pops up again and gets worse through time. I guess I've clicked it for over 100,000 times over the last 7 years since I bought it. Aging was what my photographer friend suspected. Will check out.

I'm using a 17-55mm f2.8 lens as standard fitting , perfect for DX format and so far extremely rarely does focus error occur.

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It seems to be costant with the shutter. I can have it on 500 and it sounds like under 30. The focus seems to happen mostly indoors when I want a flash.

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are you using live view when taking pictures or are you using the viewfinder, what mode are you using your camera in (auto/p/m/a/s)?

In auto mode the camera will try and guess what type of picture you want and use settings accordingly.

AF can struggle under low light conditions meaning it can take longer to get a lock, even with the AF assist light on, that would be consistent with what you are describing.

you could try putting the camera in aperture priority mode , and open it up as far as your lens will let you to let as much light in as possible, turn the ISO as high as it will go, switch the focus switch on your lens to (M) and use the viewfinder to focus on you subject. in the viewfinder windows it will show your shutter speed, and take a picture to see if you get the same results. bare in mind that the picture will be grainy down to the ISO noise.

this doesn't sound like a hardware fault but rather the camera settings, if all fails try doing a factory reset on your camera


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