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Released in 2011 - Core i3-2330M processor

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How do I fix my number keys

i've had numerous problems with my Dell laptop, the number keys are not working right. For example, I cannot type the number five at all it becomes a seven. I will type them in order from one to zero to show you what happens...

123T4T4Y7Y7]89[0 the number two also turns the caps light on and the number nine turns on the F seven key.

I've also had issues with the entire computer shutting down when I am working on it, it turns completely off and now its started flashing while I am using it too.

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  • Restart your computer if you haven't already.
  • Try an external USB keyboard if you have one to see if there is any problem with that.
  • Open Device Manager and update the keyboard driver(s),
  • or go to dell.com support and put in your Service Tag to get a list of drivers (or use the automated tool on the Dell site to scan your computer and suggest driver updates) and update from there.
  • If the keyboard still isn't working at that point, see if you can get into the BIOS diagnostics and test the keyboard there.

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