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The Samsung Galaxy Ace II X features a 1 GHz processor, a 5MP camera, and a 800x480 TFT screen.

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How to completely turn back on my phone

My phone won't turn on all the way it just turns on to the metro pcs riding on the t -Mobile network screen it won't turn on to the home screen or anything , I took out the battery Nd everything but I got the same result

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Might be an issue with some sort of software that's keeping it in a loop?

You could try turning it on in safe-mode. Each phone has it's own way of initiating this. This link is for a samsung galaxy ace I. It might be the same for a ace II.


Once you're in safe mode, I'd try to clear out any apps you think could be causing an issue (any apps downloaded right before this happened, app that has crashed a lot before, etc)

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