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Kabellose Multitouch-Maus der zweiten Generation, von Apple am 14. Oktober 2015 veröffentlicht. Modell A1657.

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The top casing feels "loose", any way to fix it?

Ever since i got my Magic Mouse 2, the top plastic casing has felt kinda "loose" and a bit wobbly, so every time i loosely click it or run my fingers over it, it does not feel good.

Is there any way to fix this, apart from buying a completely new one?

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@erikeia, Erik Eia , Ifixit rated trying to repair this mouse a 2 out of 10. From the link #1 below you can see the tear down, to see if you want to attempt to open the mouse and see if you can repair loose /wobbly case. If the top is just a little loose from the bottom you could try a little fast setting gel glue at the seam. Link #2 is just an example of glue that may be used. make model # and your complete question, so we at Fixya can answer your question effectively.

Magic Mouse 2 Repair


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I´ll see, thx


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