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The ZTE Grand X Max is a 6" smartphone by ZTE released in October 2014.

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How much will it cost for a screen replacement?

I dropped my phone and the screen cracked and it went out how much will it cost to get it fixed

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btiana520 , we do not fix devices here at ifixit, I will post links below for you to get an idea of replacement screens prices and also links to show how screen is removed for replacement in case you would like to give it a try. You can also do a search for your phones screen assembly to possibly get a lower price, just make sure before you order, part it is the correct one for your device. If not comfortable doing the repair take it into a good computer/cell repair shop and have them give an estimate.





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My screen on my 6-inch ZTE Max Pro is crap I need to know how much it cost to replace it is still works and still see the picture and everything I just want to know what the screen cost to replace please

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How much does screen cost for ZTE phone


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