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Released in 2011 - Core i3-2330M processor

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non stop shutdown turned on loop

my laptop goes on a turned on-shut down loop.first it went on on its own without me pressing the power button,then after 2-3 second it turned off on its own without me reaching the windows screen.can someone help me?

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Sounds like you are boot cycling... this means there is a hardware problem, and is commonly a storage problem... I would say take out the HDD and see if the bios will load but I have have one of these all though be it a intel core i5 from old but this computer has the worst HDD placement ever... as in need to remove the motherboard from computer bad... and that may not even be the problem.... but try this first, reseat the ram (take out and reinstall) and see if it boots


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Looks like you have a gpu failure.

Sometimes helps if you take it appart and clean the cooling sistem , but in most cases the only solution is the gpu reflow / reball.

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