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Vaio VPCF13 - Inverter problem or dead backlight?

Hi everyone,

The backlight of my laptop's screen stopped working. I can see that the display is still ok.

When I power on the laptop (or press the display on/off button on the keyboard while it's already on) the backlight resurrects for a split second and goes off again. This happened everytime those two conditions were met.

What do you think my options in this situation are?

If necessary can I still find a matching inverter board and/or the light sources? (The laptop is 6 years old.)

(And at this point I am not sure whether I am able to accomplish this level of repair. I think I can replace an inverter board but no idea about the light source)

If the light source is a CCFL would you advise me to replace it with LED's?

How should my roadmap be in this situation?

Thanks in advance...

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I' d say that you have a defective ccfl lamps and not the inverter problem. If the inverter is defective you wouldn't have a backlight when you press the display on/off.

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@sanon start by replacing the inverter. You cannot substitute a LED backlit LCD. different technologies and it will not work for your computer.

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