Das iPhone 6 Plus mit dem 5,5 Zoll Display ist die größere Version des iPhone 6 und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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Gray bars flickering after repair

So this is the second iphone 6 Plus I have repaired in a row that it has had flickering bars. It doesn't happen with any other iPhone that I repair and I'm not sure why. Any suggestions?

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A common failure on the iPhone 6Plus is Touch Disease. You can go to my profile for a link to my blog post on this subject for more info.

In your case, you don't mention where this gray bar is or if there is any effect on touch functionality. If it is at the top of the screen and you lose touch, even intermittenly, then your phone has Touch Disease. If it is somewhere else, then ideally you should post a picture so that we can help you.

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The customer reported that the bars were flickering at the bottom of the screen.


Then if this is the second one you do that has similar or identical symptoms, then I suspect you have received a bad batch of screens.


I thought that would be it too but the thing is after the first time it happened, I switched suppliers.


There's a lot of crap out there...are you paying top dollar for your parts or buying the lowest cost stuff? Otherwise, if you are confident that you have good parts, then you are either unlucky or you are doing something wrong. If you are inexperienced, then look through the iFixit guides to see if you are forgetting anything or doing something wrong.


I should add that you don't need to pay top-dollar. Expensive and good quality can be mutually exclusive. What I wanted to say is that, as a repair shop, you should look for the best quality parts you can find at a price point where you can be both competitive and profitable so that you don't have customers coming back because of flaky repairs. Otherwise the cost of eating warranty repairs will quickly out pace your profits. - Good luck!


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I don't know if you have an iFixit wholesale account or not. Here

iPhone 6 Plus LCD and Digitizer

It's a pretty good price point, for the parts you're getting

iPhone 6 Plus LCD and Digitizer Bild


iPhone 6 Plus LCD and Digitizer


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