Die Canon Power Shot A 540 ist eine "ziele und drücke ab" Kamera aus dem Jahre 2006 mit 6 Megapixel und einem 4fach Zoom Objektiv.

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DIY "hot" spring fix

I have an A530 that was included in the recall for the "hot" spring but I didn't know about it and Canon won't fix it now. Does anyone have a diagram of what the problem was and the DIY fix that I've seen talked about, but never described?

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John Darago this was recalled because a little hinge spring in the door of the battery compartment can stick out and short the batteries. Result is poor battery life, and a hot battery door.

Block Image

You could try to shorten the spring, use a small Dremel like tool with a cut of wheel or simply place a piece of electrical tape over it.

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I don't know if all A530s are like this, but I took the battery contact plate off by removing the two screws. The back side of the plate had a slot that the arm of the spring was supposed to fit into. I guess when it was assembled, the spring arm wasn't placed properly. If you decide to examine this, be careful. There is a little spring behind the plate that could "spring" away.


Those springs in the battery doors are the major reason why I do not like to work on cameras. A royal PITA to deal with those :-)


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