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sim and sd card tray is half broken inside my phone

sim and sd card tray is half broken inside my phone and it won't come out

Need help!!

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Honestly for this one I would just take it to a phone repair place. It's not hard to fix, but you risk breaking something that isn't easy to fix. If you feel like rolling the dice, you can just follow a disassembly video on youtube and open the phone up and stick a needle in the SIM/SD slot to fish it out. My only concern there would be you possibly breaking any of the pins or plastics inside of that SIM/SD slot, that would require a solder job to put a new one on. I'd give it a go if it broke off right at the opening and that's where it is, but if you fooled with it and tried getting it out and it's now all the way down in there in the back I'd get it fixed by a pro.

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The same thing happened to my half-year-old G6. Just wanted to ask whether this is covered under warranty repair. If not, that would seem very strange as the device wasn't abused in any way. Yes, the sim was changed several times over the past month as I frequently travel but this should be accounted for in the design of the sim tray and the ejection spring….

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Hi this seems to be a problem with the LG G6 I have the same problem. The half of the tray that came out seems to be warped due to excessive heat. I would say this is a factory fault.


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