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Das März 2015 Update von Apples 11" MacBook Air enthält Intel Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren der 5. Generation, was die Leistung und die Akkulaufzeit etwas verbessert.

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SMC Problem Reference Code PFM 006

Fan is running all the time, while the laptop is totally cool and also well aired.

Diagnostics returns with SMC-Problem, Reference Code PFM 006.

SMC reset attempts do not change anything. What can be done?

Update (12/27/2016)

Dear Dan, No nothing spilled into the laptop and it did not drop or get banged. The worst that happened to it: it got transported several times in a padded back pack on planes and trains.

The story with the fan is lengthy. It started to act up last September but returned to normal after I stopped Drop Box to run all the time. Two weeks later the fan started up again for a month. One night 2/3 through backing up my home directory the fan stopped running again and everything seemed normal (when the fan is going full force start-up is very slow erratic, also the computer is very slow. Activity though is very low). Anyhow the fan then started to act up again about three weeks ago.

I wonder whether there is a fully temperature gauge.

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Can you give us some more background here. Did you spill something into your system or sit it down on a wet surface? Did you bang it?


Just letting everyone know that this is usually a case of moisture in the silly places ie the track pad I would be looking for signs of corrosion


Hi guys. First time here. This post was pointing me in the right direction. I had a Macbook pro 15,4 Mid 15 Retina that had also the SMC problem and the PFM006 error code. Fan’s on max and CPU very slow. Freezing mouse etc. Problem solved after I disconnected the battery and the cable to the PCB from the trackpad/heat sensors. When connected them again Macbook was running fine. Thanks for the tip guys (and girls maybe)



I had a similar Problem with a Macbook Air 2015 13”. Kernel Task very high and no Audio.

SMC ErrorPFM 006.

I did an SMC reset, which did not solve the issue. I then disconnected the Battery cable from the Mainboard for 5 min. and reconnected again.

After this everything worked fine again.


SMC Problem Reference Code PFM 006 - In my case the trackpad got liquid damage introduced to it and needed replacement. Fixed the issue in 2015 A1398 MBP.


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Sounds like you have something running that shouldn't be: Virus, malware, or even spyware! Or the drive is having problems.

At this point I would make a backup of your data files and anything important. You'll need to make a bootable drive to run Disk Utility to make sure you don't have a bad drive. If the drive shows its OK, then you'll need to wipe the drive down and install a fresh copy of the OS.

Once you get to this point you'll need to be careful you don't re-infect your system. Maybe it's a good time to get a good antivirus app and check your backup drive to make sure the files are clean before copying them back on. I would also recommend you make sure the apps you install are from the original source (App Store or original creator of the app. Not off of any free site as some of these are infected.

Lastly make sure your drive has some free space. SSD's need it more so than HD's. My rule of thumb is to leave 1/3 of the drive free if the drive is less than or equal to 256 GB on 512 GB and larger you can reserve 1/4. If your systems RAM is limited to 8 GB you'll need the extra space for virtual RAM more so.

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How is this the accepted solution? It's not even close to the solution. This is very likely an SMC issue and nothing to do with software, malware or drive space.


I agree. The official "answer" that's been chosen here is absurd.


@benowenbrowne - SMC issues tend to be liquid spills where the logic board has gotten wet or the trackpad. As Elmar stated no liquid spill we need to first remove other possibilities. Surprisingly I've seen a few malware damaged systems where the systems firmware became corrupted!

For what every reason Elmar accepted the answer and we just couldn't continue with isolating the fault.


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