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OS X does not inicialize

When I turn on my Mac, it just processes and finally It shut down instantly without entering the system what it may be? I tried to enter into security mode, but the same happens, I entered the recovery partition and tried to repair the disk, the Repair process fails and asks to backup the information, but without entering the system I can not back up the information, what I do now, how do I save all my information and recover the system? I have no time machine backup,

Update (12/27/2016)

Has no external ssd drive nor onther macbook with same ssd compatible, is ther onther option to same my information ?

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2 Antworten

Do you have access to a second Mac? If you do you could try using Target Mode. The other option here is to take the SSD drive out and using a special case mount it into it which will allow you to access the files to a second Mac system.

If target Mode won't work you'll need to use the case method. It does sound like your system has a deeper issue here which is why it's shutting down. Once you get your files off the drive you'll likely need to look deeper on whats happening here.

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target disk mode or external SSD adapter would solve ur issue

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