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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with a 2 TB capacity.

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See pictures on external drive or reformat and start over

I'm running Windows 7 with My Passport Ultra 2TB. P/N WDBBKD0020BBK-OB, S/N WXQIEB53TPCA. I have two icons down in lower right corner of screen, WD Backup and WD Quick View. Shouldn't I be able to click on some icon and open up my external drive so I can see the pictures that I thought I uploaded to? Thanks

I'm worried if I need to recover my picture files there won't be there. I would we willing to reformat external drive and start over if need be! Thanks!

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I reformatted drive and then drug files over on computer and it worked. Thanks for the advice

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you'll be able to open you drive contents in windows explorer, double click on the my computer icon on the desktop (if icon is present) or click start>computer your drive icon will be in the "devices with removable storage section" with a drive letter assigned to it, double click its icon and you'll see the root directory of your drive and have access to its contents.

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What do you mean by root directory? Should it look like my computer C: drive where I click on My Pictures and on the left side there is several folders running down a row and I click on one of those folders and it opens up and there is my pictures? I do start/computer and (L:) and I see several folders, one is called PC/Rick which is my computer. I click on it and there is something like 6400 folders. I look thru those and can find some of the folders with the pictures in them? I've got an older Toshiba external drive and when I open it up it looks just like my computer My Pictiures, click on any folder and it opens up and my pictures are there. Thanks


the folder icons down the left pane of the explorer window are the shortcuts to your libraries (documents, pictures, music etc..) and by default will point to folders on your primary hard drive (C: drive).

depending on how you stored you files (documents, photos etc) on your removable drive will dictate how you locate them, if you used a backup program to store them then use the same backup program to recover them. if you just copied them across with windows explorer then locate them and copy them back across to your computer.

you can search for your photos by opening my computer - selecting your external hard drive, clicking in the search box in the top right hand corner or the explorer window, type "kind:= picture" (without the speech marks) and hit enter, this will search the entire removable drive for any picture files.

hope this helps..


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