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automatic shut off failure

The kettle doesn't shut off when it reaches boil. Is there any way to repair?

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Please give us a make and model number.


I have this problem too. The make & model is Delonghi - KBX3016


The steam switch is not operating.

either the steam switch is broken or the hose is blocked (small hole or pipe inside kettle which leads to steam switch. It operates when enough steam pressure goes down pipe or small hole) can also be the lid not shut properly.


I think, a sketch or photo, how a steam pipe typically looks like might be very helpful - to identify the actual one in any water cooker.


I had this issue. after reading these comments I realized that the screen/filter on the spout of the kettle was missing. I covered the spout with a spoon and then the automatic cut-off started working again.


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Your thermostat has failed. It appears Delong does not sell the part. http://www.ereplacementparts.com/delongh...

You could try taking the bottom off and see if it can be opened. Then post a couple of pictures and we can see if we can suggest a repair.

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I’ve just had the same issue on a Hario Electric Buono kettle. I took it apart and realized that the bimetallic thermostat had rust on it, preventing it to do its work and “snap” when the steam reached it.

It’s a little disk made up of two different types of metals that changes shape with heat. In my case, the fix was easy: I used a metal brush to clean it up and it corrected the issue. It could be work taking a look at your kettle to see whether it could be the same issue.

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Is the sieve missing ? Or is it broken ?

Most cookers are switching off by “enough" steam.

If the steam can leave the cooker too fast, they won't switch off immediately

They switch off quite delayed.

Try to get a new sieve.

To test, if this reflect's your case - you can test by carefully “blocking" the exhaust e.g. wiping cloth. But carefull - it get's hot !

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@cs_htw oh brother. IT's a kettle not a cooker! No sieve! No steam! Just a nice continuous boil. You got the wrong device


That is exactly what it was! I searched and searched, found it and voila! Thanks!


yes, the sieve was missing ( it was buried in the box ) and when discovered and installed ( after much figdeting with the bendable prongs to make it fit snugly ) , the unit shut off as designed . i would note also that, in my opinion, the water level must be above the sensor protruding from the thermostat.


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