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The Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W, also known as the Bose Wave Radio I, was released in 1993. A countertop AM/FM radio system with a high performance stereo tuner and two independent alarms.

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Can you fix a Bose Wave radio/CD player?

Can you fix a Bose Wave radio/CD player???

Update (12/31/2016)

When I put in a CD, it begins spinning rapidly. There's no sound coming out and I lift the lid to manually stop the spinning. Then I have to pressStop, open the lid again and try to start the music. Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to keep doing that.

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I can put a CD in, nothing happens. The radio is great, the alarm is fantastic, but I cannot play my new Glen Campbell CD, ADIOS. No one in San Angelo repairs Bose. Sure appreciate any help given.


I have the AWMS III SERIAL 023580C22290633

The CD player doesn’t play

It turns, but no music.

How do you clean the player?


My radio and CD no longer function?


cherylfurze what exact model is it and how does it not work? does it turn on? what have you checked?


The cd on the wave radio and 2 of the 3 cd slots in the attached changer will not exit. They are stuck and will not play. Only the radio is working. Can this be repaired?


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hedon2000 no but you possibly can fix it. Let us know what it is doing, or what it is not doing so we can try and provide you with some help to get it fixed

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It gets hot after the CD is playing for about four or five tunes


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I just had mine fixed by a Company who specializes in this since Bose itself no longer supports this model.

They did a great job. Norbern @1 (800) 379-2073, +1 (719) 550-5810 or toni@norbern.com

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I have a Bose Wave Radio/CD player, and the cd player just stopped accepting cd's....error message: cd not playable. I researched the Bose site and tried lame fixes, and then "signed up" for repair. The 'repair' was for Bose to sell you an updated, new system with a slight discount ( which I found I could get online, anyway). I tried cd cleaners, no fix. I finally got the idea, since some players are mounted vertically, etc., to insert a cd, lift up the unit and slant it 45 degrees....voila! It took the cd, and now works perfectly fine again !

So much for Bose being a great company. As much as I love the technology and performance, this is no way to treat customers !

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