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Repair guides and support for the EOS 70D, a DSLR camera released by Canon in 2013. This camera can be identified by the model number DS126411.

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My camera can not get power I can not understand what happen .

I am photographer in a studio last 31 December my camera dose not work , it is not on power , battery is okay , but it can not open any activity , i can not understand what happen one of fixer has said maybe mother board is damage I am wonder !

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It most likely is motherboard damage, because you stated that the battery is fresh; if there's no sign of life, then it almost always indicates motherboard damage or zero charge in a battery.

Be EXTREMELY careful when servicing cameras; the capacitors inside are powerful enough to seriously injure or even kill. For DSLR cameras in particular, I would recommend sending the device back to an authorized service center for repair and using a spare camera in the mean time.

However, a replacement guide does not necessarily indicate that there are parts available from iFixit, especially in cases where the guide was written by the community and not by iFixit staff. iFixit does not offer replacement parts for this tablet, although you may be able to find parts on third-party marketplaces like Ebay or Amazon by searching the SKU on the part that you're looking to replace.

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