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Model A1419 / Ende 2012 / 2,9 und 3,2 GHz Core i5 oder 3,4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac13,2

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iMac 27" EMC 2546 changing a component on the logic board


A have a big problem with my imac, I have to change an electrical component but I don't know the reference ? If somebody know or have an electric laptop schema please ?

Block Image




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@feya what is the 820-XXXX number on your board?


Hello oldturkey03

I have only found this reference CJ3B 31PlQMB0070



And this reference C023113003FF651AK


Feya, I have this exact same problem!! This has to be a design defect. Same resistor blew out on my board and my screen won't come up. Did you find out what the value of the resistor is? Thanks in advance!


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@feya old question and only answered for completions sake. That is reference designator L9500 which is a 250 Ohm ferrite bead (fixed inductor)in a 0603 package.

You will need to check why it blew the way it did. There should only be 12 Volt on that rail, so make sure you have no short anywhere else.

Block Image

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