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Das Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 verfügt über ein 5,5 Zoll, 1080 x 1920 Display angetrieben von einem 1,5 GHz Prozessor.

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Why my phone won't power on?

My phone charges and the light comes on to show it is charging but the phone its self will not power on

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I am also experiencing the same issue with my Alcatel One Touch Idol X. :( I charged it with different charger brand, and when I turned it on again, it never showed anything on the screen. But, whenever I charge it, there's still a blue light. That light gives me hope. :(


I have this problem too. Blue LED on the top is glowing while plugged in. But no matter how many seconds, minutes, weeks i hold the power button no signs of life whatsoever. Tried to contact alcatel but no replies. My warranty is expired too, so that's a pain in the ass. Could someone help me with this? Like a step by step how to bring back the dead? Thank you very much in the future.


I have the same problem :( When I press the power button, it vibrates every 5 secondes but never open!!!!


I bought an Alcatel Idol 3s 18 months ago. Only used it for about 6 months. After that a fault came, now it keeps restarting by itself as soon as it reaches the home screen. With or without the charger every time it is the same. I was able to do a factory reset on it but to no avail. Can we do any thing else with it. Screen is cracked so probably warranty is void.


I have a problem not answer my phone won’t come one at all kit had he light on when it charges and then when I try to turn it on it won’t work at all it is getting in my last nerves i just want to throw my phone across the room


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Issues w/ this phone have to do with the Android OS. The 1st issue is you have to hold the power button until it vibrates and comes on, 20 secs. Plug it in and WIFI connect because you're going to get a long download, reboot, etc.

Phone is alive but acts strange. Remove the case to disconnect the battery. This requires a YouTube video and a guitar pick.


Disconnect the battery for at least 10 secs, then replace the upper right volume control plastic, and reassemble the two parts, pressing them together. Then hold the power button for 60 sec. The phone will appear to loose its mind often.

Now you'll have to deal with the "deep sleep" mode that triggers often, when it should simply "sleep". You'll need to install this "app", which is really a widget.


This will help avoid deep sleeps that turn your phone off, and cause you to miss calls/have constant reboots.

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The youtube link isn't working


Mine is insured, wouldn't that void a replacement if they saw it was tampered with?


I tried everything but this worked thank u so much. Held down volume up button then also power button for 60 secs.. i had already done this several times but this time kt workes.


@Wendy yes, contact them first


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Just keep hold on the power button for 20 seconds and it vibrates and turns on no need of anything else to do i had try'ed this method and my phone turned on.

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Brilliant, that worked, thank you


i tried all the suggestions my jitterbug is my only phone i have heart problems and i need my phone


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hello Ona Sapiel ,

Checkout these steps see if this helps -

first check the charger and charge it for 15-20 min using the original brand charger

than restart the phone and see if it turn on .

if not than try doing a hard reset on it . press the power key and keep holding it for 1 min

after all try changing the battery if nothing works take it to some store .

Please update me after trying this what happen next

thanks a lot ...

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i tried everything but after the jitterbug phone charged it won't come on ,when i connect the phone to usb it shows the battery is fully loaded but cuts off instead of launching


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Hold the volume down and power button at the same time and hold until it comes on.

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I thought that is what you do to take a screenshot?


This actually worked for me thanks. And yea it's same way you take a screenshot but it actually turned my phone on when it would not turn on,black screen and green light on after it had been charging overnight. This made it turn on again. Thanks so much


Help..! I have a Alcatel A1 and it won’t turn on, I tired removing the battery and powering it up but that still doesn’t work, I tried holding volume down and power button and it won’t turn on, funny thing is when I press the power button only I can feel the phone vibrate as if it would normal power on but I don’t see anything on the screen” black/ blank screen am wondering if it’s a LCD problem but I never drop my phone nor allow any liquid to enter it, so am clueless to what’s going on , anyone can be of assistance plz!


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Hi I am from south Africa and my Alcatel A1 battery is flat but can't get the replacement battries for my phone in Johannesburg south Africa all the stores were I went they don't have it so what can I do plz

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