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Die Xbox Spielkonsole der dritten Generation von Microsoft kam am 22. November 2013 auf den Markt;

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I have power to the Xbox (it hums) but it won't turn on at all

The Xbox one has power to it completely I can hear it humming all the connections are ok even the wall plug but it won't turn on at all no noise no lights no nothing please help

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When you say it hums, is it an electrical hum or the sound of the fan spinning? Put your ear right next to the exhaust vent and listen for air. If you can't feel or hear air moving, then it's electrical hum.


It's the electrical hum the fan won't move cause it won't turn on


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I would start by using the Xbox One Festplatte austauschen guide. Skip steps 22 and 23, then follow the steps in reverse order to put your Xbox back together.

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It doesn't need a hard drive. It won't even turn on.


I don't think the hard drive is the issue I think it could have gotten to hot there was a lot of lint and dust inside when I opened it up


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