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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 not charging

My Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5110 is not charging!

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2 Antworten

Did some event happen between it working and not working? Such as did it get wet, did you go for a hike in the sahara, did you drop it, did you download a new app etc?

I suspect it's the contacts that need cleaning. Just a cue tip with some alcohol on it wipe clean the female/male ends. (make sure it's off first)

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Sorry. What do you mean with female/male ends?

Could you post an image to show?


The charging cable charging end, is what I meant. And the female receiver (where the end of your charging cable plugs into your note) for the cable in your device should be cleaned. Try replacing your cable if cleaning didn't work. Finally if none of the above work you have a faulty receiver in your note and it will have to be replaced via Samsung (if you have a warranty) or third party company if you don't. Please keep sending questions if that doesn't make sense!


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I can't help you with why your phone is not charging but i can give you the idea to chrge your phone via a wireless chrager untill the issue is solved. Try also to dry your port with a hair dryer so if by error there is moisture your phone will chrage

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