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Repair guides and support for Lenovo's line of consumer-oriented laptops, the IdeaPad series, first announced January 2008.

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no audio output is installed

there is no audio output devise installed on my Yoga 710.

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What OS is installed in your laptop?

Is there an entry listed under Sound, Video and game controllers for an Audio controller? If so is there a red cross or yellow exclamation mark next to the entry? Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Sound, Video and game controllers.

If nothing is listed there, is there a listing under "Other Devices" (if mentioned) in Device Manager for an Audio controller?


same problem here with a Lenovo yoga 710. Intel display audio is listed under sound, video and game controllers. Intel high definition audio under other devices. I've tried scanning for hardware changes and disabling then enabling the devices. hasn't worked. For some reason when I try to scan for new drivers it can't find any. Ive tried manually downloading and installing the audio drivers from Lenovo, and this hasn't worked either. Running out of ideas here...


Hi @duder1313

Have you tried uninstalling the Intel High Def audio in Other Devices, (and possibly the Intel Display audio as well), restarting the laptop and letting Windows 'find' any new hardware and see what happens?


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there is no audio output my lenovo ideapad 100

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Hi @caynab ,

What OS is installed?

What have you checked? e.g. Device Manager, audio from headphone jack, sound not muted etc

The more info you give the more relevant the answers


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